Research on reshaping urban mobility stressed

Islamabad :Executive Director of Institute of Urbanism (IU), Mome Saleem has said that because of expansion of unplanned residential area accessibility to facilities has reduced, hence there is congestion on roads. Mome Saleem was speaking at a workshop on ‘Research on reshaping urban mobility in Islamabad’ organised by IU here. Ms Mome said that the issue is exacerbated due to […]

The Clean Green Pakistan Index: A futile exercise?

Pakistan’s cities are ridiculously congested. They often feature a polluted water supply, over flowing garbage and toxic air pollution. As many environmentalists point out, they are gradually becoming unlivable, which is why many of us have welcomed the recent introduction of the Clean Green Pakistan Index. This index aims to encourage competition among Pakistan’s cities on various indicators like access […]

Dialogue on reshaping urban mobility

Islamabad:Participants of a 2-day dialogue on ‘Reshaping Urban Mobility in Islamabad’ were of the view that Zone-IV of Islamabad Capital Territory along with farms in H-9, according to Master Plan, was an area to act as food basket for Islamabadites. The dialogue was organised by Institute of Urbanism (IU) here at Sangra Gali village in Haripur district. The speakers also […]

Speakers urge to channelize public mobility issues in capital

Speakers in “Dialogue on Urban Mobility in Islamabad” urged for comprehensive urban policy to improved public mobility and services to the people for sustainable development in capital city Islamabad. Islamabad is now converted in the city of a million people, which are facing the issue of mobility and lack of public transport are severely effect on the socio-economic and environment […]