Eco Skills-for-life School (ESS) is an initiative of Institute of Urbanism (IU) – a think tank focused on sustainable Urban design and development. The ESS offers skills and means for sustainable living that ensures conservation of natural resources including water, energy, land, forest and so on. State of the art courses, internationally known trainers and post workshop coaching sessions are some of the features that makes the school distinct. Various levels of training are offered each month to cater to the needs of beginners, advanced and aspiring eco-innovators as well as Small Medium Enterprise (SMEs) geared towards promotion of green, resource efficient and circular economy.

At the moment the School is offering the following courses. The charges for the trainings cover logistics and tuition fee.

  1. Home Made
    • Growing your own Kitchen Garden- for Beginners
    • Advanced Training for Growing your own Kitchen Garden 
    • Rain water harvesting
    • Portable Energy Innovation
    • Recycling your waste at home: paper recycling, how to make compost 
    • Raring Chickens at home
  2. Home Made to SMEs (Launching in 2021)
    • Kitchen Garden to Scale   
    • Rain Water Harvesting Installations
    • Portable Energy Innovation for All
    • Recycling Your Waste: paper recycling, making compost, plastic recycling, metal waste as resource, waste to energy 
    • Raising poultry at home