About Us

Institute of Urbanism (IoU) is a newly established think tank working to scale up sustainable and innovative solutions for urban management through in-depth research, dialogues, and policy advocacy with a multitude of stakeholders at the national and international level.

The thematic focus of IoU include;

  1. Redefining Urban Mobility (RUM)
  2. Sustainable Consumption Patterns (SCP)
  3. Solid Waste as Resource (SWR)
  4. Eco-Innovation & Entrepreneurship (EIE)

Our History

Institute of Urbanism (IoU) was established in April 2019 by Ms. Mome Saleem, the curator of a citizen’s called Reclaiming Green Islamabad (RGI) which is centred around environmental issues in the city of Islamabad. RGI came into existence in 2015 as a reaction to the rapid road infrastructure development in the city which had resulted in increased pollution, and changing of the city skyline to overhead bridges and concrete infrastructure. The average temperature in the city also began to rise while open/green spaces, which are important for social interactions and rejuvenation of landscape, began to decrease. To ensure that the proportion between green and grey is not further disturbed, the city movement staged many demonstrations and also filed public litigation against the cutting of trees.  As a result, the road expansion was halted for a year and also the plan to cut more trees was shelved.

In order to organize the social capital for a structured approach to the problem, it was deemed necessary to initiate a policy research institute that could provide knowledge and empirical data around impacts of environmental degradation, and suggest policy options for improved urban governance that consider the environment as an integral part of the planning process.